Photo by: Kathleen Rafiq

World Literacy

Afghan Women's Writing Project

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project, begun in May 2009, is an effort by U.S. women authors and teachers to work with young Afghan women on developing their literary voices in telling their stories. When permitted to attend school, these women are often not encouraged to seek higher education, yet they are driven to further their education, share their lives and reach across borders. Outstanding author/teachers volunteer their time on a rotating basis to work online with young women in some of the most conservative provinces as well as the capital.

Camel Book Drive

The ongoing Camel Book Drive began in February 2006, following a visit Masha paid to the real camel bookmobile in northeastern Kenya as research for her novel The Camel Bookmobile. Hundreds of authors, book groups, libraries, literary festivals and individual readers contributed books to the project, as well as funds to buy camels, book boxes, and a transportable tent to provide shade. Begun with help from MJ Rose and Susan Ito, the outpouring of contributions allowed the camel library to expand its services, from Garissa where the first camel bookmobile began, to Wajir, closer to the border with Somalia. Books are still being sent to help the nomadic schools in the area, where books and supplies are often close to non-existent.